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About us

The Municipality of the 12th District (Hegyvidék) is the local government body responsible for the administration of Budapest’s greenest district, a hilly partly suburban area in the western part of the Hungarian capital that has its own micro-climate. The district has the most extensive green-space area within the capital. Green area per capita is around 170m2 and the total number of residents are around 58.000 inhabitant. Hegyvidék can be divided into three zones: a densely built-up zone in the centre, a mostly residential zone, and a forest zone called Normafa.

As the greenest district in Budapest Hegyvidék has a huge responsibility to maintain the greenery, to properly communicate with the residents and to raise their awareness of environmental issues, climate change. The Green Office was established in 2016 as one of the departments of the municipality that has several roles to address the needs of the residents and to develop the district's sustainability further.

Main tasks

The Green Office main tasks can be divided into 3 main areas:

- Day-to-day tasks connected to official issues (littering, noise, uprooting ragweed, planting trees etc.)

- Organising and joining programs to address local needs (Awareness-raising activities and programs, participatory activities and events, programs to give guidance and aid residents, and so on)

- Manage and implement national and international projects to learn and share new approaches from all around Europe and beyond, to build a solid local network and communication among the residents, NGOs, private sector, academy sector, business sector, etc. in the district.

Field of expertise

community involvement, green space management, energy efficiency in public buildings, smart metering, DSM tools (demand-side management), green roofs, awareness-raising programs and activities, festival events, street actions, educational programs and competitions, climate change, SECAP, green and communal waste management, biodiversity in the urban area, planting trees and tree saplings, pollinator-friendly gardens and trees application, urban-beekeeping, health-responsive green space planning and management, multilevel governance, networking with other municipalities and universities, NGOs, business sectors.

Relevant transnational projects

Health&Greenspace as Lead Partner in URBACT-APN (2019-2022) - health-responsive green space planning and management

BeePathNet as Project Partner in URBACT-TN (2018-2021) – urban-beekeeping, biodiversity, educational programmes

Urban GreenUP as Associated Partner in Horizon2020 (2020-) – nature-based solutions

UGBas Lead Partner in Interreg-CE (2016-2019) – green space management using GIS, and participatory approach

TOGETHERas Project Partner in Interreg-CE (2016-2019) – increasing public building energy efficiency with soft solutions

Contact info

We are happy to work together with other cities, municipalities, NGOs from all around Europe and beyond to exchange experiences. If our activities and field of expertise aroused your interest and you would like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact us on email or telephone.

Email: zoldpont[at]

Telephone: +36-70-953-3263 or +36-70-977-7905

Address: Budapest, Kiss János altábornagy utca 43-45. 1126, Hungary